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Air Duct Restoration

Duct Armor Technology

This innovative technology makes use of a liquid liner to coat corroded and/or moldy air ducts. This technology is especially useful in air ducts located underneath homes built on a slab style foundation. In these homes, the ducts are buried underground, where they are exposed to moisture, which creates an ideal breeding ground for mold and rust. Mold and rust not only affect the air quality within a home, but continued rusting deteriorates air ducts, eventually leading to the collapse of the entire duct system.

Traditionally, air duct repair for underground air ducts has involved converting the HVAC ducts into an overhead system and abandons the ducts in the ground. However, such repairs are very costly and time consuming, often requiring homeowners to leave their homes while the renovations are completed. Converting to an overhead HVAC system also reduces comfort levels, especially in our climate, and can even lower the property value, since the new overhead system can dramatically reduce the amount of living and storage space.

We offer a viable alternative for homeowners who do not wish to convert or replace their current HVAC system. With our technology, moldy and rusted air ducts are completely lined with Duct Armor that is high in zinc content, prohibiting the growth of mold and other allergens. Duct Armor is completely rust resistant and strengthens the corroded ducts while also providing a healthier and more comfortable home environment. The patented technology allows homeowners to save time and money.

Check Out These Huge Benefits:

  • Sprayed up to 1/4" thick, it gives extra structural integrity to the duct
  • We are able to coat various ductwork - (metal, clay, transit, corrugated black pipe, cement, PVC and sonotube)
  • Improves efficiency of your existing air conditioning system, saving money
  • Fills in gaps and holes in the existing duct system
  • Completely covers rust, mold, and mildew AND prevents future growth
  • Its flexibility enables it to move and shift with normal foundation settling
  • Easy and quick to install - most jobs take just a few short hours to complete
  • Provides a clean, flame-resistant, sanitary, and stable surface for circulating fresh air
  • No harmful chemicals or poisons are used, thus the air is always safe to breathe
  • Backed by a 15 year warranty
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