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Air Duct Restoration for Failing, In-slab Ductwork

Your in-slab ductwork is full of rust and maybe even gaps or holes. Ground moisture, mold, foundation debris, and insects are coming in, and heated or cooled air is going out through those holes and gaps; destroying airflow in the process. This is a problem that used to be remedied with digging up and replacing the duct system, or by abandoning it all-together and putting the HVAC system in the attic; resulting in cold floors and higher bills.

Duct Coating - Before & After This picture depicts a moldy and rusty air duct before and after coating it with patented Duct Armor.

Advanced Air Duct Solutions, will clean out and coat your existing ductwork without jackhammers or adding a new furnace. We can save you time, MONEY, and the hassle of destroying your home’s floors and slab foundation! We begin with a diagnostic camera scope of your ductwork that allows us to pinpoint the faults and failures in the system, take exact measurements, and create a restoration plan that is appropriate for your system. We provide you with a DVD of the scope, write up a full report on our findings, and a proposal to restore your ductwork with patented Duct Armor product. The whole duct coating process takes around 6-8 hours, is completely safe, and is backed by a 15 year warranty, It’s air duct technology at its best!

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